Total Support: From the Planning Stage to Mass Production

Suggestions and recommendations

Connectors are key components that greatly affect the reliability and performance of in-vehicle communication and power supply systems. RAJ proposes and recommends Rosenberger connectors that precisely meet application requirements, based on the aim of the development project concerned.

Technical support

To achieve the desired reliability and performance of automotive systems it is important to exactly match the subsystems connector and board. Rosenberger offers custom specific PCB-layout recommendations and consulting based on in-house RF engineering capabilities with extensive expertise in signal integrity.

Testing and reporting

Based on Rosenberger’s extensive knowledge, RAJ will conduct tests and provide reports to confirm compliance with laws, regulations, technical standards and required specifications in Japan. Where special tests are required RAJ will respond by examining and preparing jigs.


Multilingual capabilities (Japanese, English, German and Chinese)

Since Rosenberger markets its products worldwide, the company ensures fluency in Japanese, English, German and Chinese to fully support the selection and utilization of its world leading connector technology.

International distributor network

Rosenberger products can be purchased through multiple domestic and overseas distributors. RAJ will introduce distributors that meet the requirements of delivery locations and other requirements. Of course, our products can also be purchased directly from the German head office.

Domestic prototype

In addition to offering a wide range of standard products, Rosenberger also develops and produces custom products tailored to customer-specific specifications. RAJ is able to manufacture prototypes for camera applications in Japan, such as for custom cutting. 

Supporting overseas OEMs and Tier 1 manufacturers

We report on the content and trends related to international connector standards such as ISO, DIN, and USCAR. In many cases, Rosenberger products are specified as designated parts in requests for quotations (RFQ) for overseas OEM image and communications products.