Hybrid EV


The use of HEVs and EVs is progressing rapidly and the electrification of vehicles is becoming a key trend for driving the growth of automobile-related companies.

As electric motors become more widely available, technological innovation is also required in the field of automotive connectors. Rosenberger promotes efficient and environmentally conscious production as its top priority, aligning with our customers who fulfill our CSR (corporate social responsibility) through their contribution to environmental measures.


In the development of HEVs and EVs the development of systems around motors, chargers and batteries has become the most important technology area - affecting driving range, power efficiency and driving performance. Electrical components used in them require high quality, reliability and performance.

With the aim of shortening the battery charging time, the demand for connector solutions capable of supplying power at higher voltages and higher currents to high-output motors is rising sharply. Similar trends are being seen in many other application areas such as heating systems and air conditioning.


High-voltage and high-current connectors and larger sizes can be realized relatively easily. However, in order to make effective use of the limited space in a vehicle there is a need for connectors that handle high voltages and large currents while functioning safely. These must be highly robust, space-saving and cost-effective.

Rosenberger offers high-voltage, high-current connectors with reduced maximum contact resistance and superior EMC performance. For example, we have a very compact and reliable connector solution that operates at continuous currents up to 450V and up to1000V and does not break the connection when vibration is applied. Rosenberger develops continuously improved connectors that meet future demands.


Rosenberger High-Voltage Product Lines