Advanced Driving Assist System (ADAS) and Automatic Driving


ADAS and automated driving systems, which significantly enhance the safety and value of vehicles, are a mega-trend that will greatly affect the growth of automotive-related companies in the future.

Rosenberger supports the realization of customer conceived ADAS and automated driving systems through the provision of specialized knowledge and techniques concerning the connectors utilized within these systems.


Within the automatic driving system, we collect a large amount of data on the environment surrounding a running vehicle and process this in real-time. At the same time, high-speed, large-capacity, real-time data communication is being conducted in the vehicle. This is an extremely complex system configuration: it must recognize the surrounding environment while driving and automatically controls the vehicle according to the situation. The vehicle is equipped with cameras, radars, and various sensors in various parts of the vehicle which constantly acquire enormous amounts of data from them. It continuously transmits to the on-board computer together with navigation data to identify the position of the vehicle, then executes processing to recognize the driving environment before determining the situation and controlling the mechanism that moves the vehicle in real-time.


Future autonomous driving systems will evolve requiring a better understanding of road conditions in remote areas while also communicating with other vehicles and road infrastructures and making more sophisticated judgements in connection with the cloud. The system configuration will therefore become increasingly complex.

To realize a safe and comfortable drive, high performance and reliability are indispensable to understanding and responding immediately and precisely to the surrounding environment and driving conditions. For this, high performance and reliability are prerequisites for the data communication technology used in these systems. In addition, the use of fully shielded connectors is necessary to ensure components in these highly complex systems do not interfere with each other. Furthermore, the connectors and cable harnesses must be smaller, lighter as well as more efficient in their delivery of real-time transmission.


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