RoMC® - Rosenberger Motorcycle system has been developed with a new type of secure locking mechanism for uninterrupted data and power transmission. This ensures seamless connectivity with a connector that is easy to plug in and unplug, therefore meeting the requirements for fast, safe and easy charging on the conventional power grid and for maximum user convenience. Highly reliable and robust, RoMC® system is particularly suited to vehicles used for covering long distances when transporting people and goods such as luggage and freight.

The RoMC® system is used for charging light motorcycles, e-scooters, e-trikes (e-rickshaws), e-motorcycles, e-crossbikes as well as various other means of transport used in Logistics, Medical and Sports applications, such as golf caddies, autonomous robots (AMRs) and self-driving delivery vehicles.


Product Portfolio

  • Cable assemblies for currents continuous up to 60 A
  • Cable assemblies for:
  • RoMC® charging connectors jack (right angle)
  • RoMC® battery panel plug (square flange)



  • Interface according Rosenberger RoMC®
  • Current capacity 60 A
  • Working voltage 150 V DC
  • 2 powerpins voltage 150 V DC
  • 4 datapins voltage 12 V
  • Waterproof (mated) according IP65/67
  • Touch proof according IPXXB
  • Temperature range -40 °C to +105 °C
  • with HVIL
  • Robust, shock and vibrationproof
  • UV resistant
  • Mating cycles 10.000
  • Cable cross sections 4-6 mm²
  • Bayonet locking mechanism for use in tight spaces



  • Reliable connections
  • Vibration and shock proof
  • Charging on conventional mains



  • RoMC® system is suitable for safe data and power transmission for light motorcycles e.g. for
  • E-scooters
  • E-trikes (e-rickshaws)
  • Means of transport in sports and medicine, e.g. golf caddies and trolleys
  • Autonomous robots (AMRs) and self-driving delivery vehicles e.g. in logistics
  • Diverse applications in the industrial and consumer sectors


Rosenberger Series Code BIB
Cable Assembly X006-...