HSI - High-Speed Implement Bus System


HSI Connector System - Robust Power & Data Transmission Solutions for High-Speed Implement Bus Systems for All-Terrain, Agriculture and Construction Industries.

The demand for high-speed data transmission in harsh environment applications is constantly rising. From trucks, construction equipment to agricultural applications, Rosenberger has responded to these requirements with the development of the new HSI connector system. Designed for harsh conditions and standardized in cooperation with the AEF (Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation), this is the new high performance standard.

In today‘s agriculture, reliable connections between tractors and trailers, seed, fertiliser and harvesting machines are essential. The challenges are not only terrain and weather conditions but also requirements for sustainable systems and potential savings. This requires connections with high power and data performance, as well as intelligent and digital data transmission for programming, measurement, evaluation, monitoring and positioning.

Rosenberger HSI connectors enable these and future tasks, such as GPS-controlled agriculture and coordinated data systems for various requirements. The HSI connector system is the standardized solution within the AEF, but is also suitable for other areas of application, including construction machinery and trucks confronted with demanding environmental requirements.


Product Portfolio

  • Vehicle connector, plug straight
  • Housings, in-cab, break-away
  • Implement connector, jack straight
  • Cable assemblies



  • Usage up to 48 V possible, depending on cable parameters
  • Cable length up to 40 meters
  • SI/EMC performance for 1000BASE-T1
  • Different timing of power and data pins
  • Mating cycles more than 3000
  • Waterproof IPX9K


Construction Industry

The HSI connector system is the standardized solution within the AEF, but is also suitable for other areas of application, including construction machinery, earth moving equipment, trucks and trailers confronted with demanding environmental requirements.



  • Highly robust power-data connector
  • Break away event
  • Waterproof
  • UV-resistant
  • Flame-retardant material (housing)


Agricultural Industry

In today‘s agriculture, reliable connections between tractors and trailers, seed, fertiliser and harvesting machines are essential. The challenges here are not only terrain and weather conditions but also requirements for sustainable systems and potential savings.



  • Agricultural industry, e. g.
  • GPS guided farming
  • Monitoring systems
  • Data systems for consumption, seed or fertiliser optimization
  • Level and tonnage measurements
  • All-Terrain areas and rough environment applications, e. g.
  • Construction machinery
  • Earth moving equipment
  • Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Cranes

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