Rosenberger HVR®45 connector series in small dimensions enables a maximum current capacity of 54 A at cable cross section of 6 mm² and a working voltage of 1000 V DC. HVR®45 cable connectors are available in straight and inline variants as well headers.  HVR®45 connectors are mainly used for PDU to auxiliary units and OBC to batteries.


Product Portfolio

  • Cable assemblies
  • Cable connectors
  • Inline connectors
  • Header



  • Current capacity (6 mm²) 54 A at 85 °C
  • Working voltage 1000 V DC
  • Creepage 3.18 mm
  • Clearance 1.39 mm
  • Cross sections 6 mm²
  • Engine vibration SG2 acc. to LV similar to V1 acc. to USCAR



  • Small dimensions
  • For shielded cables
  • For inline or header application



  • PDU to Auxiliary Unit
  • OBC to Battery


Rosenberger Series Code HMA