Scalable Multiheader - Multipin - Powerpin


Rosenberger scalable multiheaders combine multipin configurations with coaxial and differential high-speed connectors for future-proof automotive wiring systems. They enable all connector combinations for data transmission and power supply in the smallest space, with the lowest weight at the best price/performance ratio. Depending on the design, they combine a variety of electrical contacts, e. g. MQS with coaxial and differential data connectors such as HFM®, H-MTD® or RosenbergerHSD®. All customized assembly combinations are explicitly designed for the respective application.

Rosenberger develops the interfaces according to the requirements of automotive manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers. Rosenberger offers everything from one source including modular cable connectors and cable assemblies as well as modular PCB connectors.


Product Portfolio

  • Scalable multiheader
  • Customized multiheader
  • Modular housings, right angle and straight
  • Combinations of all common series: Multipin, HFM®, H-MTD®, RosenbergerHSD®, FAKRA


Rosenberger scalable multiheaders enable various connector combinations for data transmission and power supply, e.g. electrical MQS contacts with coaxial and differential data connectors such as HFM®, H-MTD® or RosenbergerHSD®.



  • Scalable multiheaders reduce weight and size – space savings of up to 40 %
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Frequency range data connectors up to 20 GHz
  • Reliable signal integrity
  • Cost efficient
  • Design and process perfectly aligned for automotive market requirements and applications


Rosenberger multipin consists of a large number of electrical contacts with a low installation volume, enabling complex signal lines to be connected and disconnected quickly.



  • Scalable multiheaders reduce weight and size – space savings of up to 40 %
  • Production according to customer specification
  • Every conceivable modular design is possible
  • Combination of data and power connectors as specified
  • Simplified, fast connection and disconnection of complex signal lines
  • The modular concept enables a fully automated assembly process
  • Application-specific implementations due to modular and scalable design in the smallest installation space


Powerpin Connectors
Rosenberger modular powerpin connectors include several MQS contacts for additional power supply of data connectors, such as HFM®+, H-MTD®+ or RosenbergerHSD®+.



  • For all applications and complex controls in the automotive wiring system
  • Video and audio technology
  • Wiring harnesses
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
  • 4K cameras and displays
  • Infotainment


Open to all Protocols:

  • Automotive Ethernet
  • SerDes / LVDS
  • APIX®
  • PCIe®
  • GMSL
  • MIPI®
  • FPD-Link
  • GVIF
  • HDBaseT

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